America Can’t Breathe Without Justice and Equality for, All of God’s Children – Headline

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Our response to George Floyd’s death and Trump’s Insurrection Act threats can’t be predicated by where our grandparents sat on the bus.  In 2020, all of us are charged by Franklin’s gauntlet:  a Republic if you can keep it.

Seeing our Land of the Free through inflamed cities, lack of ICU beds, the mockery of Trickle Down economics, owner class gluttony, and a Republican Party and President consistently making America worse for those they’ve rarely seen or heard:  Native-Americans, women, LGBTQ and low-wage earners – until George Floyd’s murder.

Whether peaceful demonstrations or violent protestations, COVID-19’s 1,770,384 American cases and over 105,000 deaths cannot be deleted from our hearts and minds.  It can’t make us immune to an inept, too slow to act Executive Branch, nor blind us to, governmental support delayed is medical supplies denied – because Congressional NRA gun violence protection, Environmentalists only fining Methane Gas toxic emitting pipeline companies and Fraternity of Police clubbing with the blue, no matter what they do.

Conservative Republican disciples worshiping at the unpresidential altar of one who refused to serve in uniform, betrayed his country to a foreign power now attempting a rerun of Andrew Jackson on steroids, caging asylum seekers, flirting with John Adams’ Sedition Act, and believing states under his personal authority, declaring governors weak for not being made in his on egregious image.

Safely behind Secret Service protective arsenal, insisting state governments arrest, track and threaten Americans, the Commander-in-Chief of fatigue-wearing extremists, distributes disinformation to rehearse for Election Day.

So, the choice is ours:  respond like Eleanor Roosevelt and Marion Anderson, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr for, all of God’s Children and Senator Robert F. Kennedy with America’s Farm Labor Movement or, be gangbangers hanging Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear in effigy.

We can settle for governors, senators and a president to whom we are invisible, or we can vote them out, even if by mail.

Whether radical Left or Right, without a multi-color center secured by, United We Stand, extremes and extremists will evaporate the us in USA.

We must test, trace and treat not only COVID-19, but the conveniently warped interpretation of, the poor you will always have with you, and the root of evil that presses its knee on the neck of those left behind when our nation was born with a preexisting condition:  slavery.

We can assume African Americans will return home, and accept our complacency until the next, I can’t breathe, or we can accept the opportunity to stand together for what we’re for, instead of continually fighting amongst ourselves over what we’re against.

COVID-19 and violence against each other automatically seize upon the path of least resistance, just as white-collar criminals – whether at the seat of government or power puppeteers in private enterprise – attack what’s most vulnerable:  our right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

The most resistant to COVID-19 truth are those who choose to ignore the common sense of scientific fact – endangering themselves and all with whom they have direct or indirect contact.  The most vulnerable are wage earners who cannot afford to stay safe at home, nor desert those of us for whom working at home is an easy choice.

What are we doing to the least among us, those most ignored by our government, banking Corporatism and ourselves: the unemployed, underemployed, uninsured, underinsured, veterans, the elderly and our children – we, the empowered by, Free Will, to either be a Trump/McConnell pawn or a thinking decent human being to all?

We can yield to Conservative Republican Fascism, or be Good Stewards, Good Samaritans and good neighbors.

2020 is our wakeup call:  Vengeful leaders and phony patriots incite our violence against each other to distract from an indiscriminate COVID-19, to maintain control of the pigmentation battlefield.

Like COVID-19, the response to the murder of George Floyd recognizes no city limits, nor state borders and in the wake of George Floyd’s death, protestors have taken our grievances to the very gates of a hellish administration cowering behind violence inciting Tweets, in its occupation of our 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

I Can’t Breathe is ringing in the ears, lives and streets all over America.  It, like COVID-19 and Climate Change, is a supreme warning, which if we allow Trump to use his lack of religion to intimidate voters with a Second Amendment preamble to, Marshall Law, we do so at America’s peril.

We can break windows and set fires or use our 2020 Elections to clean up the carnage left by Trump Administration looters and lawbreakers.

We can stop calling ourselves, The Home of the Brave, or confess Lafayette Square is now our Tiananmen Square, and give America our Last Full Measure.     

Elijah Cummings, Trump/Pence Impeachment and Other Changes, Changing Us – Headline

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Trump’s Turkey/Kurdish fiasco, Pence/Pompeo ceasefire façade and bedbug ridden self-serving deflated Doral trial balloon notwithstanding, change we can, seeing is believing, in, is here – Iceland’s dynamic melting visuals reproaching, what’s in a name, disappearing the biggest lies we tell ourselves:  Conservative denial of the disastrous potential to life on earth from America’s ICE, Alzheimer’s and Climate Change.

Weather increasing focus on the Climate of Climate Change, we’ve overlooked the equally important piece of the newest more politically palatable two-word brand for, Global Warming:  Change.

Although we have often lived in the best of times, since 20 January 2017, America is living in one of, the worst of times – indeed, a tale of two countries, wounded by derisive division that can incite, depending on, We the People, either revolution or reconciliation.

Change within is our best way out, for every action, there is a reaction.  Even in the fog hovering over our rising swamp, despite veiled Facebook disinformation, camouflaged religious hypocrisy and hijacked justice for all women, LGBTQ and people of color – our Fourth Estate has even joined in recapturing the courage to see, welcome and embody America’s historical quest for the inevitable progression of change – quite possibly, come hell or high water.

Actionable Change:  deny escape clauses for vendors causing deaths by Opioid overdose, an unprotected Grid in order to pay for oil wars, eyes wide shut reaction to business owned government inviting moral and ethical decay – for no longer can we deny, we are either in an age of rediscovering truth, or an age of tragic suicidal decline.

We know who the culprits are, who’ve played us against each other!  Now we need to heroically recognize and acknowledge the change beckoning us to replace them.

We need be students of America’s youngest voters and better examples for non-voters, because the greatest change for humankind and life as we know it, is upon us – ready or not.

Women, denied gender and income equality by men desperately clinching the Constitution behind their backs, with one palm up declaring to all females, this far but no farther, now stand tall against past, present and future sexual harassment or assault – tipping the scale of national recognition toward individual accountability.

While we may not be able to completely remedy global Climate Change, we can cure ourselves of our current administrative disease, so apathetic to anything except its unquenchable gluttony for power to infect all with the worst we can be.

Such lack of empathetic leadership needs to be dethroned, and along with its worshiping cronies, fellow criminals, pernicious underbelly defining patriotism as anti-female, anti-gay and anti-diversity, marked discontinued.

Following 20 January 2001, We the People, having chosen to be blinded by narrow religiosity, raced headlong from, oral in the Oval, chasing the ambulance of political mirage, Right into horrific foreign wars and increased domestic bloodshed – deserting stewardship for the health of earth, our precious environment, and all life dependent upon either.

Resisting the reality of change, we’ve created a, Climate Era, bequeathing our children both current, Climate Mass Migration inland, terrorized by the reality of our very own disappearing shorelines – proving once again, denial terminates thinking and vision.

Since the first 100 days of FDR’s administration, when compared to the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, with inhumane exceptions, has been the lesser of two evils for voter consideration.  And any political frustration of Jimmy Carter, Al Gore Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton is understandable, but while three have moved on, clearly one has not.  Nonetheless, stronger together is key to our forward movement after, fear of job loss from a dying industry, anger for not being visited by a national party nominee and 2016 damage to trust in our electoral process.

It wasn’t only Putin’s Russian hackers.  It was GOP gerrymandered State legislatures, compromised computers, an Electoral College sorely in need of 21st century updates, and it was Americans who abstained from the voting privilege of citizenship.

What I learned from a Conservative Texas Democrat and a Virginia Progressive Activist about America’s bipartisan addiction to Corporatism’s self-serving, oil driven, empire building U. S. foreign policy – and as a Veteran – suggests, what Tulsi Gabbard has espoused falls short of how my mentors define a Democrat.  Nonetheless, we need to unearth our unity because every death on earth, directly or indirectly caused for American profit, disavows who we claim we are.

Beware, it is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change – Charles Darwin

Not only losing Bill Macy, Robert Forster, Thomas D’Alesandro III and Congressional giant Elijah Cummings, but every core value we bury, diminishes America.

Change reveals, terrifies and challenges our balance, but welcoming it, elevates community and common sense to Common Cause.