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Pompeo’s Safer World: North Korea, NRA, Russia, Trump’s Iran, Or How We’ve Been Programmed – Headline –

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When America was a 1776 infant drinking the milk of human kindness, speaking child-like about the necessity for a peculiar institution, while failing to understand the necessity for a 1791 Bill of Rights, or trusting in a, peaceful transition of thirteen rebellious colonies surviving an 1812 war, united, almost, for justice for all – nonetheless, in that moment, some envisioned a new work-in-progress nation, whose people, 244 years later, might hereby resolve to revive this fact:  America’s progress depends on Americans rising up to, live out the true meaning of, We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.

By embracing the example of men and women like Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt, Martin Luther King Jr and, The Squad, we can begin again the journey to put away childish things – replacing them with an evolution in wisdom:  Equal Means Equal, defining our Exceptionalism with, one person, one vote

In 2020, however, unlike Jacob, we struggle because of, our better angels, to again learn the transitional path from Divided We Fall to, United We Stand.

Possibly, extreme Right-Wing extremists, with and without uniting The Right, whether Tiki Torch bearers chanting, Jews will not replace us, or not, just can’t let go of what should never have been.

Maybe more than Trump Family’s Charity, University and GOP was morally bankrupt before taking America’s Homeland Security, working class stability and electoral faith in voting machines, on an infamous descending escalator to self-mutilation.

Safer isn’t American elections steeped in the neglect of non-voters, the vampire drool of Red Mapping and Gerrymandered clots weaning us off the ascension of democracy.

Reminiscent of 1776 Loyalists – even before Trump’s election, there was more rotten in the state of the United States than rancid Rubles routinely rippling through our rifling NRA to lock and load the tapestry of treachery.

Maybe it’s time we temper our gullibility to believing our American Dream was felled only by a carnival barker, because it is the unseen conniving puppeteers who sacrifice our youth as cannon fodder, on the altar of perpetual war.

The Trump Administration, and its minions, prove 1930s European history is auditioning in America.  It takes comparatively few, charmed by the silver togue of all that glitters, to exchange our freedom of thought into being superficial subservient consumers with short memories.  Thus Branded, we increasingly follow the bigoted, brainless and brainwashed, disciplined by Too Big to Jail Corporatism.

Without the annual recycling of media manipulating, joy to the world into a trivialized perfunctory sense of calculated yearend loss, haven’t we planted in depth roots of love and loss, every day?  If not, then we’ve been programmed for so long, in so many ways, we can’t even grieve outside the box.

Why not celebrate the lives we most admire by emulating them while they live, and after they depart, celebrate their praiseworthy paths by forging ahead contributing our talents, rather than crying on cue each time another TV-news program tries to out-do the other with the same monologue.

Perhaps our headline seeking 45th POTUS believes he can choose who cannot  enter America because of our 34th, following in lockstep extension of the not so silent on Eugenics president made America, a safer place with, Operation Wetback.

It’s time to thank Donald Trump with an exit visa, for teaching us, with men like him and his enablers, We the People can now see what we’ve wrought on the righteous forsaken and their children begging for bread from ICE internment camp cages fulfilling Stephen Miller’s America Dream.

How about we cast off the dust of 2019 deceptions from our feet, and kick up our heels for a new Reach for the Stars truth, knowing in every life and nation comes the moment to decide – never out of convenience born, but rather dredged up from character neglect – deliberately creating an abyss of escalating animosity between honesty and perjury – jousting all between good intensions and evil’s disinformation.

Understandably, our courage can be more akin to the inconstant moon than transformative filmic superheroes.  However, if we love children and confront Climate Change’s cunningly crafted cons, dealers in factory farm bacteria and marketers of inequity, then be of good cheer every time you make a liberating impact on the lives of people marooned by the government we elect.

For one brief shining moment, I was my hero, Zorro, galloping on horseback to save a friend’s fourteen-year-old asthmatic daughter from falling off a runaway.

Heroism, like patriotism, can end America’s addiction to electing arrogant, self-serving, dishonest leaders who, too long, have defined us as international terrorists.

It’s time we resurrect our, love thy neighbor as thyself, honor.  Renewing ourselves, we could yet be our children’s heroes with the watch-fires of our hearts.

A Nation that Cages Children in Abuse, Chaos and Denial – is Broken: Headline & Best of TREMR

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Should any American soldier be so base and infamous as to injure any prisoner…I do most earnestly enjoin you to bring him to such severe and exemplary punishment as the enormity of the crime may require…for by such conduct they bring shame, disgrace and ruin to themselves and their country – George Washington

With questionable military service commitment, or indeed involvement, men like George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Mitch McConnell, Bill Barr and Donald Trump will never understand our first Commander-in-Chief’s indictment that our American Dream definition of American Exceptionalism, be ensconced in an embrace of moral and ethical treatment of prisoners, by extension, the less fortunate, and ultimately, children – for while such powerful men will die of old age dreaming of life on Mars, they willingly deny this opportunity to children alive on earth today – choosing instead to leave them behind to die of, Climate Change.

Who among James Madison’s Constitution creating patriots gave any Attorney General the right to deny police protection to cities that don’t show respect to police?

What should We the People do about Rudy Giuliani still in Ukraine profaning any democracy’s core value:  truth?

When did we choose to ignore and be ignored by non-voting citizens, thus acquiescing our Land of the Free aspiration and Home of the Brave acclamation to the lost world of reptilian mob mentality?

Where is there support for the government we elect to go beyond making wars and raising taxes to pay for them, to actually claim the right and embrace the responsibility to elevate the lives of all who live in America:  1863 Draft Riots, New Equality laws in 1857, FDR’s New Deal, perhaps?  Does denial of our past and future prove our presidential welcome mat can only tolerate the footprints of those armed with a penis?  Does the transparency of our trolling Russian tool trashing Transgender Americans come from Putin probe excrement, or does our current dick doth protest too much?

Why is Seoul so close to the North Korean border, asked America’s 45th president.  They have to move, insisted Donald Trump.  All U. S. civilians should be evacuated from South Korea, orders TrumpIgnoring military and civilian advisers, The Don commands, Go Do It!

How is it, we still follow men impaling America on wars, assassinations and domestic terrorism caused funerals?

Who is protecting our children in schools when some jurisdictions in the United States are choosing to not expend resources to enforce certain gun control measures perceived as a violation of their misinterpretation of America’s Second Amendment:  forgetting the importance of:

  • A well-regulated Militianot the increasing number of unregulated Right-Wing extremists akin to those who incited tragedy and deadly violence in Charlottesville in August 2017
  • being necessary to the security of a free State, – Since Congress and President Woodrow Wilson created America’s National Guard, 103 years ago, our free State has not needed the ominous portent of massively well-armed ultra-conservative vigilantes to keep Americans secure
  • the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed ignoring the all-important (,) comma before, the right – making the right to bear arms contingent upon the necessity of securing the national security of a former colony transforming into a free State

Our Bill of Rights, which includes the intentionally misinterpreted and maligned Second Amendment, thoroughly abused for Conservative Corporatism and NRA bottom line, became Constitutional law in December 1791 – 125 years before the establishment of our updated regulated militia:  America’s National Guard.

What is it that makes millions of Americans fantasize a Charlie Brown security blanket will save America from increasing violent threats from highly organized white supremacists militia warning us of their intentions when Trump is removed from office by Senate trial or 2020 election?

When will we recognize the swelling bog of our infamous national Swamp is caused by the willing self-immersion of Congressional Republicans, unconfirmed and Acting Cabinet Heads wading with murderous Turkey and Saudi dictators?

Where are our Statue of Liberty priorities, in Trump’s border wall or preventing another Ice-cold detention caged child’s death, whose only crime was, yearning to breathe free?

Why do we taunt a working young female actor, instead of using Social Media clout to decry, None of the Children at the School Are Safe.

How can we not actively emulate the good neighbor spirit of Waffle House customers , rather than White House treachery and elect to reward our Founders by awarding our children the Happy New Year gift of a Democratic president and U. S. Senate, who inspire us to unite in, passionately pursuing a life of excellence.

To fix what Dark Money Conservatives have broken, America must listen to children and attend to the future of Millennials.