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World to the trumped:  there are more noteworthy persons, places, things, states of mind and character qualities in Heaven and on earth, than are dreamt of in the philosophy of judicial nationalists, congressional isolationists and America First white supremacists.

PERSONS:  Wednesday July 19, 2017, Walter Shaub Jr., director of the U.S. Office of Government Ethics, will resign.  Having fought the good fight, attempting to scale the wall of lies erected by an unethical White House – while five million families are living with Alzheimer’s and too many Americans living in fear of losing their affordable healthcare.

PLACES:  Saturday July 8, 2017, Charlottesville, Virginia – Exhumed from its shallow grave, a vastly out-numbered Ku Klux Klan raised its flags 72.1 miles north west of the Confederate capital, to defend a controversial statue of General Robert E. Lee — a West Point graduate who, in April 1861, decided to resign from the American Army, and resist it as commander of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia.

Overwhelmingly, Charlottesville citizens and elected officials responded with numerous events around the city of Jefferson’s University of Virginia – defining Community, with informed, educational and positive fun for all ages, including concerts, slide show talks and picnics.

In the end, however, peace between north and south was broken by police tear gas, and the arrest of locals protesting Free Speech that still celebrates the division of a nation — with limited Rural Internet Service and Congressionally endangered Medicaid.

THINGS:  World Trade sailing on, royally waving farewell to floundering American ship of state, groping to survive fake running it aground, into past pale prologue  —  while globe is warming to Paris Agreement to deny denial of Climate Change changing the foundation on which we stand dependent for life’s essentials:  Background Checks, containment of drug overdoses, substituting conservative tunnel vision with equality of quality education — chiseling in granite:  shut down school to prison pipeline.

States of Depravity and Delusion:  Ignoring the potential killing of America’s unique genius, for exploration, discovery and wonder, wandering the unknown, visualizing the unseen – does not excuse choosing ignorance over reason.

It is not our raison d’etre to preserve, protect and defend Party birds of a feather flocking together for three-day work-weeks behind closed doors betraying Lincoln’s vision:  of, by and for the people.

Sometimes, we’ve elected leaders, of every political persuasion, who have publicly praised and privately dialed a dictator, for purely selfish international euphoria on the grand orgasmic world stage — but must we continue sleeping with Dicks like Nixon and Cheney, by electing one so ruthlessly willing to destabilize any plausible pretense of national morality, that might still afford our sacred institutions some remnants to claim, legitimacy?

We are nouns so much more important to the universe than, the gluttony for supremacy that favors the nouns of war, hate, envy, jealousy, fear, anger, greed and violence.

Neither suicide nor restoration are solo performances, but rather the ensemble consequence of failing, attention must be paid — knowing who to applaud and what to reaffirm.  The good, bad and ugly truth is, it takes only a few to tip the scale:  correct or complicit – prophet leading those settling for pathetic, or choosing revelation over condemnation.

America’s challenging conflict isn’t really, Red v. Blue states and, less about economic, racial or sexual differences on which we’ve been media focused for 24/7 filler.  The real 21st century American Revolution, in which we find ourselves, is the conflict between right and wrong, and knowing the difference.  Hunting dirt, with foreign enemies wishing only to diminish us, is cheating on ourselves and wrong.

Collectively, we are many precious nouns, most, a cornucopia of potential gravity for  the world; each, an overflowing fountain, interrupted only when overlooking both character, and characters, that determine the qualities life craves for, and demands of, us all:  civics with civility, an all-inclusive pact and replacing undermining political PACs with informed mental clarity of purpose and vision.

Living a life that honors all, is what keeps America great – embracing, sharing and repeating, only what is true, noble, just, pure, admirable and excellent.  To be praiseworthy, we need only practice what we preach.



Celebrating American Independence or Free Passes for Trump? Headlined on & PoliticusUSA Feature

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Unlike the carelessness of the thoughtless abuse of constitutionally guaranteed, Free Speech, there have been shining moments of Exceptionalism.  However, it only takes a few Members ignoring to death, the future of seniors — willing those under 40, demise by Opioid addiction, second class education, crushing debt, self-doubt induced suicide and a planet in the throes of being overwhelmed.

It only takes a few short-sighted, self-serving, knee jerk choices to seek and destroy a nation – for every secret thought & spoken word; each decision & vote cast; full-throated cover ups — whether choosing weapons of vile, despicable behavior or willingly playing games with team of Grovels – we are settling for the summit of the worst in ourselves.

Even as a congressional few ignore foreign disregard for our national sovereignty, trumpet puppets are, State by State, instituting institutional theft of personal data, voting information – a colossal invasion of millions of Americans.

A helter-skelter nation needs to embrace unity to reestablish its Gettysburg Address vision of civic responsibility.  However, it will likely be governors and Secretaries of Red States, who will profane Lincoln’s example, by relinquishing unmitigated exposure of its citizens’ privacy.

To reaffirm our Independence, it is for us, on July 4, 2017, to recapture the essence of The Golden Rule, for it is never too late for the Exceptionalism of self-rule, mutual respect and living lives that practice what we preach.

For our Independence, let us proclaim, there is no last time for war when it is declared endless; no last time for violence when we’re married to it, acquitting both mass murder in public places, while good men with guns shoot good men of color; no last time for Arlington ball-field, when Little Rock shots ring out in echo of a Bronx Hospital.

When the proudly despicable violate the honor of the highest office in the land, clearly The Home of the Brave is being run by the cowardly.  Regardless of Party, all Americans are being mocked with a smirk having no more depth than 140 characters.

Yet, this is not a nationwide choice, nor a national great divide.  It’s the sum of people who can be fooled most of the time by the few repetitiously casting a bait and switch, and gossip dominating investigative reporting with hyperbole, seeking ratings.

Nonetheless, like heroic first responders, it is on us, to get out in front of stampeding mob rule, with sheer numbers, votes and boycotts proving we mean business, to the business of Koch heads owning politicians and government at every level.

The challenge is not too many fires to put out, but too little Independence thinking, to resist false prophets and puppets of industry currently occupying too many State Houses, Legislatures and our current three branches of federal government.

If the super poor will always be with us, it is not because the bible told me so, but rather, since ushering in the second Gilded Age in 1980, the super-rich have perpetuated it so.

America survived Valley Forge, Lincoln/JFK/MLK/RFK assassinations and The Red Scare because of dreamers & the young at heart, farmers & lawyers, students & educators, preachers and sinners – and again, America needs human decency to overcome the small minded and hateful – especially elected leaders who are the greatest dangers to our national security and international integrity.

Like Paul Revere, women road to warn of invasion and The Greatest Generation included females, African-Americans, Latino and LGBTQ.

However, where there are narrow-minded men, there are abused women & minorities; where easy access to guns, mass shootings; and when We the People act like kittens chasing a laser of a Fourth Estate led around by a Pinocchio nosed President, we are accessories after the fact.

Yes, Donald Trump’s behavior is not presidential, but more importantly, his conduct is unbecoming a Commander-in-Chief, and absolutely, an unacceptable example for fathers, husbands and children.

So, we can choose to be responsible for continually giving free passes to someone intellectually, psychologically and mentally unfit to be President, or like 1776 American wannabees, pick up the gauntlet of reason and be Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All.