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Years before Steven Spielberg cast me in Lincoln, I was directing at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts – most notably, The Other Bed, a prize-winning play by Ted Hirsh, which led to a telephone friendship with Celeste Holm and directing African-American playwright and actor, Bhetty Waldron.  Her Charcoal Sketches, launched my appreciation for Black History. 

In a time that needs more Chloe Kim Valentines and fewer Pence petulant, Ugly American scowls, even Steve Bannon has seen Oprah’s light, Time’s up on 10,000 years of recorded history.  This is coming. This is real. 

Yes, the transition of power is set in motion.  Men, who reek with the stench of inflicting reprehensible gender agony, will no longer rule our world.  Even next generation Alt-Right, failing to hear the death nell tolling, are marching backward into oblivion – all while Kim Yo-jong, armed only with a smirked Mona Lisa smile, does a Centering Pass to South Korea, leaving Pence and Trump puckered, but nullified.

Not the Last Hurrah for hypocrisy, but a Valentine’s Card inviting government to look, talk and act — of, by and for.

The reign of domineering old men, awash with hangers-on, kissing the ring of the pretender perched on his s**t-hole throne, whitewashing racial and gender bashing, is coming to an unsavory evacuation.

Now, in ensemble let us persistently rise to harmonious example:

  • Daring to share the American Dream with Dreamers
  • Immortalizing Moral Mondays every day
  • Celebrating African-American lives twelve months a year
  • Grasping LGBTQ equality
  • Supporting UNFPA global initiatives
  • Dissolving Red Mapping Gerrymandering
  • Morphing America into a true reflection of our immigrant predominance
  • Embracing our multi-cultural rainbow

In our 2018 elections, may all Dreamers, Democrats and Due Process hold-fast to pragmatic solutions — and to each other.

Even before we invaded Native Americans, well to do gray-haired men, held tight rein on our economy, enslaved thought, maligned education and information, manipulated chaos, beat and molested women and killed people of color – all for personal gain.  Now to the new low in immoral and unethical definition reflected in the haggard dishonest faces of Trump’s administration, proclaim: #TimesUp.

With constitutionally protected, Peaceful Assembly, our resistance empowers women with income parity, gender equality and healthcare, on a reconstructed Justice for All foundation.

We rise for the demise of predatory behavior, not only from Donald Trump and his minions, but all wife beaters, military, civilian and campus rapists and any employer who dares turn a deaf ear or avert supervisory eyes when bullies threaten women and men with workplace harassment or violence at home.

The strength of any nation, is aligned with the individual philosophical and psychological strength of its people – not in the denial of evolutionary truth, the oppression of diversity or the ratification suppression of full Constitutional female citizenship.

Regardless of political geography or historical heritage, the twins of fear and anger can no more defeat inevitable change than the bad seed of The Great White Fleet and Great White HopeMAGA.

However, government compromised by corrupted private enterprise, may finally be mortally wounded on the archaic anvil of Robber Baron roots, accelerating a climate motivated race, awakening those who’ve pinned their hopes on Mars or Mar-a-Lago.

21st century American Dream amendments, don’t ask to replace Caucasians with non-whites; nor seek to fire straights to hire queers.  Nor is the goal of equality and justice unleashing a sea of Dominatrix Amazons to castrate men like Rob Porter, David Sorensen and Larry Nassar – no matter how deserving.

Justice illuminates beyond political clichés, to the collective wisdom of reason expecting all to:

  • Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment
  • Emulate UNFPA with all-inclusive healthcare for safe motherhood, family planning, reproductive health – and gender specific issues
  • Save our children from the world we’ve bequeathed them, by lighting their path, to World Peace

Because female political power is emerging, A Change is Gonna Come, has landed, and now Misogyny, Xenophobia, Bigotry and homophobia are destined to drown in their own desire for revenge.

Equality and Justice favor the wisdom of our evolving beyond the generals surrounding Hitler, thinking wrinkles and stars protected them from succumbing to demagoguery, as they profaned patriotism with treason — inviting holocaust.


Is Trump, the Master of Projecting Fake News, Faking Us Out? OpEdNews.com Headline

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Are Koch political ads, House of Representatives’ cherry-picking and superfluous media distraction:  unprincipled congressional allies and misplaced loyalty in the Trump Administration, swinging us in the wind?

If not for such external influences, would we be more engaged in exposing the deception of rising white supremacist leader, Elliott Kline, who casts himself as an American patriot or concerned that an American president may have soured global stock markets?

Free to think, would we expose why, in a country that boasts of being the world’s greatest power, are our overpriced Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industries unable to survive without Opioid addictions, and children dying of Flu – or, like Pfizer, simply shrug, deciding, it’s simply not worth the cost of R&D?

Would we be hyping a Democratic counter memo as more important than the revelation that our Federal government makes billions from keeping pot illegal, while spending billions keeping illegals from becoming legal?

Would we divorce corporate climate denial, and marry stewardship with action that spares our grandchildren some of the full force fury of Mother Nature’s final defiant stand against the harassment of short-sighted greed?

Would we wash our hands of water power, or remove it from the hands of the powerful?  Would our actions acknowledge, Cape Town’s water is disappearing while Miami is slowing drowning in it?

After all the trees have been slaughtered, what wall will stand between us and evaporating Everglades, oil slicked beaches, privatized H2O and inhaling windblown polluted air?

Will Nicolle Wallace smirks and Joe, Mika and Katy Tur banter immunize us against Trump’s joke on us, or will 40% succumb to the Devin Nunes and Trey Gowdy follies?

Thinking Presidents are all-powerful, mentally balanced embellishments to the Constitution is fool-hearty.  Even Obama first failed to see the wisdom of Yellen, as stabilizing guardian to resurrect economy, post Great Recession.

Without Trump fixation, would engaging an extension of Yellen’s Wells Fargo Ban to all financial Directors and CEOs who caused and profited from our first 21st century global recession, be our civic duty, or shall we continue to invite treason to wipe its feet on us, before entering, the People’s House.

Recognizing ourselves in the courageous work of Anselm Kiefer, through the powerful lens of hindsight, can we not now, stand up to Paul Ryan’s House of ill repute, instead of being willing accessories, after the fact, in the creation of an American Achilles Heel?

We could start by emulating Rebels football player Danny Lilya, a 16-year old High School student who makes his wheelchair as invisible as he is Indivisible.

Realizing actions speak louder than words, we mustn’t diminish racial issues, with audience disruptions hurled at people who’ve historically supported, Justice for All regardless of race, religion or sexual preference, or risk channeling Joe Wilson, more than Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

We can so personify racial and gender equality, that celebrating Rosa Parks and the contribution of all people of color only during the shortest month of the year, would prove unbearable, and embarrassingly hypocritical.

To make sense of our universe, could we, like Marcus Aurelius, embrace the struggle to understand ourselves, and each other, so we are fit to lead as well as choose leaders.

To Katie Roiphe’s Thought Police response I say, #MeToo.  If we are to be heard, we must first be willing to listen.  No matter how worthy the cause or good the fight, when we deny the contribution potential of different shades of view or mental and physical hues, we sabotage that, which we insist must be heard.

Trial by Social Media is mob rule — Trial by Jury, Constitutional law.  Applying less than the law of the land, we fall victim to Conservative media distortions, GOP delusions and derisive memos of distraction, on both sides.

To the degree we are allowing Donald Trump, the master of Fake News, to make us no better than he, We the People are co-conspirators — unless from the ashes of Trump/Pence, we reignite the fire of hope, acting in accordance with mutual civility and respect.

To be the America we want to be, our resistance needs to be as unlike Trump bullying as possible.