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For her six to ten-year-old years, I got to be her father.  For four minutes I got some inkling of what it must feel like, for a parent to lose a child – whether to kidnapping, over-heated car, swimming pool, school shooting or some disease or addiction, because corporate profits are prioritized over children’s lives.

Then her eight-year-old hand slipped into mine, and I could breathe again; not so for parents victimized by a self-righteous Attorney General trying to impress his callous bully boss.

All too often, God Wills It is the mantra of those obsessed with the need to oppress.  Countless tyrants have excused their tyranny with some form of, God Made Me Do It.  Indeed, too many honorable and courageous young Americans, faithful to the guidance of our Better Angels, have been used as cannon fodder, by too many self-aggrandizing autocrats, but Trump’s Sessions staining Romans 13 with his heretical history of bigotry cannot stand!

Long before 1/20/17, of, by and for the people was programmed with the propaganda of incomplete history — which by prejudicial omission, has betrayed our freedom of choice to chronicle, endorse and benefit fully from the comprehensive societal contribution of enlightened diversity.

Denying international reality and disavowing America’s exceptional promises, has finally transformed our American Dream into a national nightmare.

It’s not just about what arrived in our New York Harbor 17 June 1885, as much as it is the families enticed by its Land of the Free promises, freely offering their bloodlines to our Home of the Brave.

America’s dream is reignited every time we define ourselves by honoring all fathers and mothers as we expect all children to be honored.  We cannot, however, justify claiming, real Americans are those who came ashore after Native Americans, bringing enslaved African-Americans, and claim also, we aren’t immigrant or refugee byproducts, because, We Built That.

In 242 years of war and peace, America’s inhabitants often rebranded America.  Arguably, except for April 12, 1861 – May 13, 1865, we’re now immersed in our greatest identity crises – challenging for many, but threatening for the few prospering from manipulating the fears of those more vulnerable to misinformation’s hyperbole – especially difficult perhaps, for descendants of a cultural majority whose base is rooted in a free labor foundation of human blood, sweat and tears – all the more distressed when denying an infrastructure of descendancy from, huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

Is America’s greatness a financial & political might is right, or being the tide that lifts all boats; Trump’s ICE pick ripping children from the arms of loving fathers and mothers, or recapturing our Exceptionalism from domestic terrorism and foreign hackers?

Perhaps if we were a connecting dots guru, we’d recognize @theLPP2017 #BlackLivesMatter #WomensMarch #MeToo #TimesUp #NeverAgain and #MarchForOurLives as 21st century links to Jewish, Italian and Greek families defining Ellis Island as, escaping war, famine and religious persecution – then recognize Matthew Shepherd’s murder in The Pulse, debtors prison in mass incarceration – and eradicate gender inequality by ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment — permitting, This land is Your Land, This Land is My Land, justice for all.

Faith and patriotism without empathic humanity is void of morality:

  • Ignoring the plight of the less prosperous
  • Profaning Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself by devaluing fellow human beings
  • Claiming love of God & Country without, suffer little children to come unto me, forbidding them not

Neither hypocrite nor Good Samaritan is promised another moment, so choose wisely:  help fathers working three jobs, mothers weeping for their lost children and children who love children who look nothing like them.

Each inhalation we take to speak love or ill, defines us to a universe noting our measure:

  • most of We the People, shine brighter in the heavens than any family staying together to steal together
  • each victory over institutionalized lead poisoning or kidnapping innocent children for lack of paperwork, keeps America great
  • We can be clones of a Congress aiding and abetting Pharma industry and its distributors profiting off Opioid deaths

Or, hearing refugees seeking asylum crying out from the wilderness, we can embrace and honor America’s immigrant heritage, and make this children’s hour, Our Finest Hour.


We can STEP up with The Lynx or choose National Suicide by Trump-Pence: Headline

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Revoking our curiosity to discover new truths can lay us welcome mat bare beneath the feet of ad hoc predators — smearing their gluttony on our dreams — with fractious attempts to recapture myths that long ago implemented bait and switch mind-games — flip-flopping our monsters and heroes.

Have we become doped up on an addiction to Pence Evangelical hypocrisy, drugged by visions of supreme grandeur?  Are we self-induced by hyperbole hyping our religious biases, racial prejudices, sexual hate, legendary envy of Antebellum economy secured by means of man’s inhumanity to African-Americans?

Do we fear being reconstructed by waves of common decency, replacing lynchings and homophobic murders?

Renewal requires earnest accord in daily communion, emitting courageous comradery — absent negative labeling, void of self-ridicule heaped on others, opting instead to embrace all with empathetic human connection.

Beware, our constant thoughts resulting in repetitious rants cutting actions both ways, revealing our true motives — inspiring good, bad and ugly.

Three weeks of consistent advocacy defines what we become, habitually.

What then, years aided and abetted by misinformation, the under informed, super wealthy Great Recession sponsors of a new low in conservatism – passing off corporatism as TV/Radio news?

Dazed, being high on our lowest, we may believe, after expulsion of Pence and Trumpisms, all will instantly realign our world with real and imagined

  • FDR domestic Marshall Plan
  • JFK suspending nuclear holocaust
  • King’s Dream for all of God’s Children
  • Bobby Kennedy’s America of racial equality with no poverty
  • Clinton’s economic surplus
  • Obama’s Affordable Care Act and prioritizing Asia as the vital future keystone for American foreign policy

However, greatness demands amazing grace – a transcendence in sharp contrast to Pence’s distain for LGBTQ Americans and Trump’s personal ATM presidency.

It’s witnessing all humanity in the watchfires of equality, with Exceptionalism’s electoral overtones harmonizing justice with every belief, preference, persuasion and color – elevating pursuit of happiness beyond con artist puppet strings.

If we hope to avoid, What’s Past is Prologue, once we’re free at last from Trump/Pence alternative facts altering our history, refraining from ridiculing, subjugating or ignoring others is now our civic duty.

There will be little return to laughing at our foibles, individual joie de Vie, national pride or international respect – unless during this shameful darkness of self-inflicted derision of each other, we embrace, leave no one behind.

Patriotism stops not at a hand over heart and Stars and Stripes standing, while misquoting misinterpretations of our rarely read Constitution.  It’s the daily bread of living, all for one and one for all.

True patriots try to protect the less fortunate from Capitol Hill bullies defending Wall Street villains looking down on our future, from behind smoked window stand-ins for a Wizard’s curtain.

The remnant Patriot Act glaze of opportunistic Conservatives may, for decades, dim our ensemble power view, but the Slop, of Jeff Sessions and Ryan/Adelson Republican Bond afterglow confirm habitual self-delusion:  money can fool all of the people all of the time, especially when ensconced by a Russian grip on the imbalance of a reality show president.

Even now, however, reason’s vision can shake off the dust of Republican Branding:

  • Bush/Cheney Guantanamo
  • Trump/Pence isolationist supremacy
  • Congress knowingly rubberstamping what’s unsound

Once the multitudes reject stabbed us in the back invectives, electing instead America’s Golden Rule, we will rise anew from the ashes of bullies, realizing:

  • Local activism is best when advocating globally
  • Listening beyond hearing helps even the successful and prosperous dispel feelings of loneness and loss in the silence of the crowd
  • Preventing lead poisoning from military weapons training in school cafeterias, saves children
  • Regardless of the cause, Global Warming & Climate Change are escalating loss of safe food while foreshadowing the inevitability of wars for clean water
  • Better to emulate The Lynx than Ku Klux Klan

For life after Trump/Pence — start now:

We need rescue America’s pride, because both national and earthly self-destruction happen when the moderate majority fails to pay attention to the secret motives of the moneyed minority.


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