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Knowing Where We Are and Who are the Real Halloween Monsters – OpEdNews Headline

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Knowing why we’re addicted to Horror Movies, hung up on how others enjoy sex, defining each other by our bank accounts and loving easily accessible guns, our 2018, October Surprise – wasn’t.

Bombs sent to those with whom we disagree; bonus smirks from bankers possessing, stay out of jail cards ten years after Bush/Cheney’s Corporatism co-created a Great Recession for 95% of Americans – and Pittsburgh gun violence, reminiscent of Charleston, reaffirm, our need for self-reflection.

Those now seemingly possessed by a heightened, more easily radicalized, sense of powerlessness, empowered by residue of foreign hacked election stealing, aided and abetted by social media platforms as bottom-line focused as international financial institutions masquerading as American – are addicted anew by the highest ranking self-proclaimed, Nationalist, in America.

No, Tom Bossert, Gun Violence is not a political issue, but a life-threatening one – and if we can’t purge ourselves of Open Carry, cleansed our politics of trumped idolaters and purify America of the dirty money masking demons as heroes, then we must at least become champions of electing to diminish the rising anti-American fear of Jewish-Americans, anti-diversity hate of African-Americans – and anti-cultural differences still branding Native, Asian and Latino Americans with the hypocrisy of anti-female Republicans.

The Trump Family didn’t originate avarice, any more than their clan leader originated what he needs Americans to become to impregnate America.

Until we internalize, it’s not banks but bankers protecting non-empathetic Boards; not just the self-deluded propelling tragedy with Second Amendment misinterpretations interrupting life with murderous gun violence and intimidating bombs – and it’s not just Donald Trump who is responsible.

All are accountable, not just marionettes droning nonsensical conservative talking points about, we need safe boarders, with little concern for those living within our borders enduring limited means.

Let’s not be Mike Pence taking the 5th on the sidelines – supreme clones of self-righteous supremacists – Congressional Republicans thinking themselves gods, controlling an administration of cuspidors spitting back onto the innocent, the vile rhetoric of fear and hate mongers.

Whether uncompromising Left or radicalized Alt-Right – both elevate Donald Trump.  The former as demagogue we can beat like a misogynist Piñata filled with Party bigotry, and the latter, a Johnny-Come-Lately Ku-Klux-Klan second coming, profiting off Americans, on both sides of centered civil debate.

Twitter Trump, despite teleprompter performances, is not remotely worthy of being hailed as the American Dream come true, for he cares no more for those who elected him than he does for his fantasized Caravan adaptation.

Every earthly hue has long believed in an America peopled by a saving grace, refugees, migrants and immigrants have sought, since the Pilgrims invaded the home of Native-Americans.

Time to admit where we are and that We the People got us here.

While there is little doubt that those among us who are, whether willfully or helplessly, more susceptible to a throw-back of Europe’s 1930s despot rallies, our real Halloween monsters are pawn manipulators costuming inhumane themes to justify righteousness as ordained exclusively for Caucasians – like Mitch McConnell’s Kroger constituent proclaiming, Whites don’t kill whites – unless, it seems, they are Jewish.

The deadliest attack on Jewish-Americans in the history of a united America aligned in globalism seventy-three years ago to defeat the fear fueled hate that still, in 2018, emboldens violent racists, self-aggrandizing bankers and villainous politicians.

On Tuesday 6 November 2018, we can choose to elect the America we insist we are:  a melting pot magnet simmering with justice for all – perhaps embracing more Emma Lazarus, than Reihan Salam.

Beware, however, our Mid-Term results may ignite more violence.  How we respond to it will determine where America is and from where our monsters have come.

On 12 September 2001, I drove to Gettysburg, not knowing why I was drawn to do so.  Since Donald Trump’s escalator descension of us and ascension to the presidency, I’ve realized the purpose of my journey:  at arguably the greatest violent expression of American division, there was cathartic motivation for unity and justice for all.

God knows where we are and who Trump is – it’s time for America to embrace this wisdom, knowing that it must begin with the reasonable, and forgiving, among us – exposing the money funding fear and hate into Domestic Terrorism.

When We Worship Those, Who Incite Domestic Terrorism – Headlined on

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When majorities begin to experience the loss of power over the consumers, minorities and voters they’re accustomed to persuading, selling and jockeying, to harvest gain, the thrill of the kill becomes a desperate conquest to retain the myths of history skewed to accommodate misconceptions of legitimacy, mis-perceptions of nationalism and misinterpretations of patriotism.

We have always rendered temporary our patches of fear, stress and strain, during the war and peace of political and cultural turmoil:  our Civil War, Pearl Harbor, 1960’s assassinations, Vietnam, 9/11, and 2017 Charlottesville hate crimes.

Anxiety and sleeplessness, however, are produced by our primal gut responses to perceived worldly impositions thrust upon us by an out of control evolution – the constant conflict between, truth hurting and freeing us – diversifying faster than some care to assimilate.

It is not only our physical and mental health-care that needs to be affordable – preserved, protected and defended from enraged autocratic commanders-in-chief, but our historical, cultural and self-examination that needs saving from individual complicity in the duplicity of radicalized Conservatism, avarice Corporatism and gerrymandered Party members – who’ve deserted promised statesmanship for a nationalistic provocateur.

Our greatest danger to trade, alliances and a United We Stand America is politicians fooling themselves into thinking, in the 21st century, we are still hypnotized by their convenient flip-flops to win elections – instead of keeping our ever-watchful eyes on what they do at rallies, state houses, Congress and the U. S. Supreme Court.

Americans do not live on alternative facts about border safety, homeland security and presidential dishonesty alone – but those who do, are embittered.

In 2018 Mid-Term elections, how we vote can recapture the essence of our American, I Have a Dream character and Statue of Liberty promise.  However, it will only be a, brief shining moment band-aid on a festering preexisting character-flaw, if we think our hour of seemingly diminishing power is just about Donald Trump.

#TimesUp on lying to ourselves regarding our past being our prologue, particularly if we continue to costume our racial prejudices, sexual bias and political acrimony in Halloween, Blackface.

Although true that our current GOP leaders are more akin to base purveyors of Jim Crow than malice toward none, the Trump family M.O. favors profiteering rather than originating.

Be assured, however, not all Republicans are among the willingly herded and corralled by the mendacity of Ted Cruz, Kevin Cramer, Josh Hawley, Dean Heller, Martha McSally, Dana Rohrabacher, Rick Scott and Scott Walker.  Therefore, we must be helpful to those tricked into voting for the only globalism from which Americans need to recoil:  an American Trump/Pence/Putin/Saudi/Bolton/Sessions regime.

America, and by, buried heads in the sand extension Americans, has nurtured our preexisting condition of propping up foreign despots, supporting domestic strongmen and now voting for rented career maniacal politicians – all while silently bidding for the establishment of imperial military bases, black sites and encampments for refugee children.

Whether armed assault on a fictional pizza basement pedophile ring or sending six wannabe intimidation pipe-bombs, everyone is responsible for their actions.

Nonetheless to hear a consistent hate and fear mongering racist and misogynist try to compose an harmonious tone, expecting we’ll forget his violence inciting monologues, insulting the humanity and intelligence of empathetic, mature Americans – especially now that we’re trumped into mimicking a wannabe super reunion of KGB puppeteers, mocking what they can hack, but never bury, unless with presidential cooperation – is insufferable.

Violence results when mob rule infects civil debate with the belief that while all are created equal, none are as equal as the crude and rude trouncing peaceful assembly with obnoxious rhetoric grasping for extension over extinction.

Forsaking, agreeing to disagree civility in favor of servicing treachery, fueling the minions of madmen profaning biblical guidance, defiling fellow human beings and downgrading our Land of the Free, to a Russian footstool – is massive dereliction of duty, treason.

Nevertheless, regardless of personal political preferences, instead of becoming what has become the lowest ever bottom of America’s Home of the Brave, we must elect to be and do unto others as we would have them be and do unto us – for most Americans remain above, an eye for an eye.