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What if, it takes a Village and a Virus to Save America from The Right – OpEdNews.com Headline

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For one brief shining moment, it seemed some referring to themselves as news professionals skirted ever so closely to the bar of Cronkite/Huntley/Brinkley, once China lifted its veil of secrecy, revealing its citizens, like western democracies, as susceptible to linking the good, bad and ugly to global dangers full of pandemic potential.

Yet, just the facts cold watered media faces, sipped and slipped back into a barroom toast, shaken but  not stirred, to investigative reporting, passing by.

Now, it’s all about who Senator Elizabeth Warren will endorse, forgetting 2018 women, who ushered in a new democracy; recapturing half the Congress and most of the country – preamble to masses of patriots standing in lines for hours to erase our 2016 error in judgment.

What if our 2020 Democratic primaries are more new chapter than old Communism, Socialism, Racism, Sexism or The Establishment – where, inspired Constitutionally equal female citizens serve at a different tempo.  Faster than a Trump snake projectile, they attempt to stave off the wave of Coronavirus threatening to drown both American healthcare and an unknowing president.

What if Democratic infighting distracts Independents and moderate Republicans, from a bloated hog in an updated red cap rooting for a first Monday in October health insurance surprise for both The Right and Left?

What if our Napoleonic piglet’s only forte is rallying confused sheep and enticing nine attack dogs to guard against any Medicaid extensions, that save ACA from null and void chant, in mock replay of serpent promise:  trust me, your eyes will be open wide shut and you will be remade in my image – selfishly me first, unencumbered by the differences between good and evil.

What if non-voters remain content with wading in a babbling brook of fat catfish, cajoled by feathered flies hooking them into failure to seize the day?

Distracted by will she or won’t she endorse, what if Medicare and Social Security, like the Voting Rights Act, are gutted and left to bleed out, until death do usA apartheid?

When an Emperor with ostentatious wardrobe hides, he’s a cayote stealing sustenance from the poor to give to the rich recipients of nepotism, what then?

What if prudence suggests we not check off Blue Tsunami from our Bucket Lists, while friends and family mesmerized by deluge of economic delusion are swimming against the current of justice for all, to spawn four more years?

But, what if, We the People have had enough of chaotic tweets, rally riots, screaming extremes:  from The Right, I am the only one who can guarantee the fix is in; and the Left, millions who’ve never bothered will rise up and occupy increasingly closed polling places?

What if our Germaphobe-in-chief bidding, come unto me and I will give you societal uncertainty with pandemic certainty – all on a handshake, wins?

What if, 60%, of the  less than 50% of Americans who actually vote, after enduring ten debates, from twenty to two debaters, chose less out of sexism, racism or DNC dictate, and more to defeat what lives in America that nourished Trump enablers for decades?

What if massive numbers of voters in vastly politically different portions of the country are ignoring polls, pollsters, campaign calls during dinner, billionaire political ads and talking heads, to cast their votes for who they believe will defeat, the most dangerous president in American history?

What if we learn from the Trump/Pence era, a hard and bitter lesson of self-awareness, consciousness thinking and Equal Means Equal?

What if we now acknowledge Trump/Putin/McConnell/Mercer/Adelson/Koch have diminished the exceptional raison d’etre  of America’s electoral process – and retrieve the gauntlet of Lady’s Liberty’s torch:  it is for us to be the human levee asserting, This far you may come but no farther; here is where your proud waves halt?

What if a second revolution avoids a second civil war, not by a leap of faith into the arms of non-voters, die hard Trump supporters – nor by returning to a pre-2016 America replete with the injustice of real racism, sexism and denial of genuine justice and equality for all.

What if Democrats unite, running for running the nation with affordable, love thy neighbor as thyself healthcare with aggressive R&D sparing us the Flu, Alzheimer’s, Tumors, brain-damage, respiratory illnesses, Cancers, Heart Disease, Covid-19 and Emergency Rooms?

What if, a flag kissing president knew, whether By Land or By Sea – numbers equal people?

Whether fearing Trump/Pence round two or not, only Americans who actually vote establish how we go forward, just as in 2016 we tenaciously  took America backwards.

What if, remembering what wealthy Caucasian Americans owe hard working Native Americans, African Americans, Latino, Asian and LGBTQ Americans, together create a, Land of the Free where all are actually free?


Impeachment – Pence – Purdue – Drunk Drivers and Father Time – TREMR Staff Pick & OpEdNews.com Headline

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Like 9/11, what we thought could never happen in America is happening again, but in 2019, administered by a pretend president and his Acting government, conniving with the foreign power determined to destroy our ability to weather Franklin’s admonishment, a Republic, if you can keep it.

Streaming Michael Cohen’s reboot channeling John Dean’s, there’s a cancer on the presidency – Impeaching for our children, we bequeath them, Mike Pence.

Few American presidents have worn sobriety as the only proof of character, while daily crashing through clearly marked humanitarian Stop Signs, putting pedal to the metal to T-Bone both America’s history and it’s potential.

Confident we won’t defeat ourselves by surrendering to the foolishness of self-inflicted vengeful violence, nor to denial of the fearfully fatigued, because Peaceful Assembly and voter registration are not weak sisters, but rather, like United We Stand, the bridge that has restored America after Revolution, Civil War, two World Wars, sixties assassinations and September 2001.

Seeing through Corporatism’s haze, the wise set aside all Trump induced chaos rattling around in the echo chamber of a Fourth Estate that has lost its way – for Media smirks, are laughing America to death.

Gun owners know Wayne Lapierre’s malleable maniacal marionette-in-chief of misinformation is, like Cheney, Pence and Putin’s Moscow Mitch, another bad man with a gun – an adversary to truth, apathetic to the human condition – profiteering off the sacred office he has careened off course.

So, answering 2020’s call, the rational rise to eject Trump Senate enablers – not with Tiki-torches, but with reasserted government of, by and for the people.  Having learned from Odessa grandmother Shauna Saxton, who faced the hateful rage of a mass murderer, but unlike her president and our Congress, took immediate action, saving her family from NRA sponsored mass hysteria – we now unite!

To unscrupulous marketing of E-Cigarettes and Opioid producers, speeders whizzing by school buses with flashing red lights, drunk drivers and people who supply civilians with military styled AR weapons – We say enough!

Witnessing the difference between investigative reporting and the laziness of talking heads repeating, a liar is a liar, we are, like time, moving on.

Recognizing the characteristic opposites of the spineless intimidating NOAA cowardice, we emulate the heroism and integrity of NWS.

Voters get it:  while a president may not be dumb enough to share classified information with foreign enemies, a pretend president could be treasonous enough to do so.

Flint knows it:  if Bush/Cheney hadn’t launched one percent of our population into perpetual war, taxpayer money might be replacing brain destroying lead laden water pipes, causing Legionnaire’s Disease and increasing Pneumonia deaths.

Patriots know it:  and reject abusing Commander-in-Chief title to divide and conquer Pentagon leadership and Congressional oversight, to profit from Air Force sleepovers at failing resorts – even if, miraculously, Religious hypocrite Pence isn’t culpable.

Visionaries know it:  and refuse to join a pretend president’s race with Climate Change, at the expense of, Homeland Security.

Now, We the People embrace national choices and individual responsibilities:  for a presidential riddle wrapped in an Acting government mystery, inside the enigma of his resort tweaked Military Industrial Complex – refusing to permit the undoing of his oath of office, by foreign policy for financial gain.

Rejecting public and private leaders, who profit from the oppression of a child’s future – whether female, people of color, LGBTQ or refugees, we ascend.

Teachers know it:  scientists are not America’s enemy, but the stewards of earth and all life upon it.  Armed once again with the conviction of, we hold these truths to be self-evident, we legally entrap impeachable producers entangled in vaporizing our future, now blowing smoke screen billions to escape their tobacco predecessors fate.

Family fun at movies, parks, concerts, schools or dog walking, have become bloodied, not just because of bad men with guns and drunk drivers, but men in corporate and government suits, too lost gathering their thirty pieces of silver, to notice their time has passed on.

Yes, we have stepped in quicksand of hate, racism, sexual discrimination and perpetual war, that challenges our best, while exposing our worst.

Allowing extreme individual focus, we fail to see family and national unity’s time limits, because many things we believed true, never were.

Filmmaker friend Kent and I rarely got to work together, so made time for lunch every three or four months, for personal catch up and filmmaking brainstorming, he with a beer, me, ice coffee.

At our last lunch, he asked to send me a play he’d written for my director’s opinion.  Then back to work, looking forward to September’s lunch.

America’s first murderer was hanged in 1630; its first drunk driver arrested 1897.

Although Conservative Republican, Texan Evangelical Christian Kent C. Williamson and, Liberal Democrat, Roman Catholic New Yorker, me, were solid friends, as with our country, the United States of America, our next lunch was never promised.