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Impeachment – Pence – Purdue – Drunk Drivers and Father Time – TREMR Staff Pick & OpEdNews.com Headline

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Like 9/11, what we thought could never happen in America is happening again, but in 2019, administered by a pretend president and his Acting government, conniving with the foreign power determined to destroy our ability to weather Franklin’s admonishment, a Republic, if you can keep it.

Streaming Michael Cohen’s reboot channeling John Dean’s, there’s a cancer on the presidency – Impeaching for our children, we bequeath them, Mike Pence.

Few American presidents have worn sobriety as the only proof of character, while daily crashing through clearly marked humanitarian Stop Signs, putting pedal to the metal to T-Bone both America’s history and it’s potential.

Confident we won’t defeat ourselves by surrendering to the foolishness of self-inflicted vengeful violence, nor to denial of the fearfully fatigued, because Peaceful Assembly and voter registration are not weak sisters, but rather, like United We Stand, the bridge that has restored America after Revolution, Civil War, two World Wars, sixties assassinations and September 2001.

Seeing through Corporatism’s haze, the wise set aside all Trump induced chaos rattling around in the echo chamber of a Fourth Estate that has lost its way – for Media smirks, are laughing America to death.

Gun owners know Wayne Lapierre’s malleable maniacal marionette-in-chief of misinformation is, like Cheney, Pence and Putin’s Moscow Mitch, another bad man with a gun – an adversary to truth, apathetic to the human condition – profiteering off the sacred office he has careened off course.

So, answering 2020’s call, the rational rise to eject Trump Senate enablers – not with Tiki-torches, but with reasserted government of, by and for the people.  Having learned from Odessa grandmother Shauna Saxton, who faced the hateful rage of a mass murderer, but unlike her president and our Congress, took immediate action, saving her family from NRA sponsored mass hysteria – we now unite!

To unscrupulous marketing of E-Cigarettes and Opioid producers, speeders whizzing by school buses with flashing red lights, drunk drivers and people who supply civilians with military styled AR weapons – We say enough!

Witnessing the difference between investigative reporting and the laziness of talking heads repeating, a liar is a liar, we are, like time, moving on.

Recognizing the characteristic opposites of the spineless intimidating NOAA cowardice, we emulate the heroism and integrity of NWS.

Voters get it:  while a president may not be dumb enough to share classified information with foreign enemies, a pretend president could be treasonous enough to do so.

Flint knows it:  if Bush/Cheney hadn’t launched one percent of our population into perpetual war, taxpayer money might be replacing brain destroying lead laden water pipes, causing Legionnaire’s Disease and increasing Pneumonia deaths.

Patriots know it:  and reject abusing Commander-in-Chief title to divide and conquer Pentagon leadership and Congressional oversight, to profit from Air Force sleepovers at failing resorts – even if, miraculously, Religious hypocrite Pence isn’t culpable.

Visionaries know it:  and refuse to join a pretend president’s race with Climate Change, at the expense of, Homeland Security.

Now, We the People embrace national choices and individual responsibilities:  for a presidential riddle wrapped in an Acting government mystery, inside the enigma of his resort tweaked Military Industrial Complex – refusing to permit the undoing of his oath of office, by foreign policy for financial gain.

Rejecting public and private leaders, who profit from the oppression of a child’s future – whether female, people of color, LGBTQ or refugees, we ascend.

Teachers know it:  scientists are not America’s enemy, but the stewards of earth and all life upon it.  Armed once again with the conviction of, we hold these truths to be self-evident, we legally entrap impeachable producers entangled in vaporizing our future, now blowing smoke screen billions to escape their tobacco predecessors fate.

Family fun at movies, parks, concerts, schools or dog walking, have become bloodied, not just because of bad men with guns and drunk drivers, but men in corporate and government suits, too lost gathering their thirty pieces of silver, to notice their time has passed on.

Yes, we have stepped in quicksand of hate, racism, sexual discrimination and perpetual war, that challenges our best, while exposing our worst.

Allowing extreme individual focus, we fail to see family and national unity’s time limits, because many things we believed true, never were.

Filmmaker friend Kent and I rarely got to work together, so made time for lunch every three or four months, for personal catch up and filmmaking brainstorming, he with a beer, me, ice coffee.

At our last lunch, he asked to send me a play he’d written for my director’s opinion.  Then back to work, looking forward to September’s lunch.

America’s first murderer was hanged in 1630; its first drunk driver arrested 1897.

Although Conservative Republican, Texan Evangelical Christian Kent C. Williamson and, Liberal Democrat, Roman Catholic New Yorker, me, were solid friends, as with our country, the United States of America, our next lunch was never promised.


Our Constitution, Big Pharma, Climate Change and Other Lies we Tell Ourselves – OpEdNews.com Headlined

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Trump sailing along with floating Russian Nuclear Reactor, radiating Sarah Palin’s view from her front porch, portends ICE isn’t the only thing endangering American Homeland Security.

If mental health is responsible for America’s increasing mass murders, why are we still laughing about a confused Commander-and-Chief with a nuclear football?

Isn’t it past time to stop smirking with a Media thinking themselves cleaver and start accepting responsibility for Trump and MIA Pence?

Whether we search for answers in alcohol, syringe, an infomercial for G7 investment in presidential moral bankruptcy or a decaying Senate Majority Leader aiding and abetting foreign invasion of America’s blood-red mapped electoral process – maybe who we laugh at and what makes us cry is our Dorian Gray portrait.

Wiser now to dissipate Corporatism’s fog of Trump jokes, bigotry and incompetence, so we can see clearly our vine of deceit:  America’s worse election hacking, is domestic – Corporate CEO’s for whom America is no more first, than the millions overdosing on their marketing and political puppets.

The real enemy of the State is the marriage between, Too Big to Jail Bankers and Conservatives who invest in bad actors cast in an, Acting Government, opting for alternative facts and choosing platforms that inflict international sickle and hammer and domestic hammer and claw for the mass destruction of our children’s dreams.

We must turn to our courts before they are completely miscast by Mitch McConnell as he has wounded our FEC.

As it was in our beginning, wealthier male owners of power install men greedy for some, and sealed the deal with a Constitutional, Electoral College.

It preserved the power points, protected the property owners of human beings and defended male Caucasians from any future extreme ideas of allowing the popular vote of the populace, to possibly motion to, call the question, end the battle of the sexes and vote gender equality – thus forever castrating America’s political Peter Principle; replacing penis power with the potential of diversity.

It is our Electoral College that makes us a, Democratic Republic and not a democracy, as both sides so often erroneously refer to our current corrosive as Flint and Newark water pipes, reality show.

Yet, until the Supreme Court 2000 coup and Putin trumping us in 2016, I was vehemently opposed to 538 electors deciding our voting intentions.

However, when I see adult women waving, Women for Trump signs at rallies chanting, Lock Her Up and Send Her Back, asking Trump to autograph their breasts, while their male counterparts gesticulate like Brown Shirts – I begin to see the 27 May – 17 September 1787 founding wisdom of Jefferson, James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington.

As America’s violent rebellious birth, turned time-honored Revolution, our Founders, attempting to avoid both a British counter offensive and a standing American Army, proffered, The Second Amendmenta well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State – well-regulated being more National Guard, than Trump enablers driving eight hours to kill in his name.

And, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed – IF, like our Revolutionary War Minutemen, they honor that right, as, well regulated by the free State they are meant to secure.

We cannot risk leaving America in the hands of Americans who believe the man who wreaks havoc on the delicate international balance of trade, treaties, economies, trust, alliances and peace is, the Chosen One.

However, it’s not just Trump.  Mike Pence is more serpent than Christian, Mitch McConnell more traitor than statesman – and E-Cigarette & Opioid pushers profiting off addiction, as murderous as a Trump worshiper with an NRA approved weapon of mass destruction.

Is Brazil’s Rainforest destroying president preamble to Putin’s nuclear float to Alaska?  Is Trump part of a Troika of intentional destruction of America?

Reminded, four hundred years ago slavery became ensconced in our new nation – indelibly imprinted on the confederacy of our soul, let’s remember also, since America’s conception, American women have been shackled to second-class citizenship.

I continue to be an advocate for equality and justice for all, but favor women in politics because of men like, Goldwater, Nixon Bush/Cheney and Donald Trump.

Time we replace the lies we tell ourselves with the wisdom to focus our energy and resources on Saving the planet and all life upon it from opportunistic Trump Climate Change denial clones; save climate scientists from our anti-future president; find a cure for Alzheimer’s; save our children from cyber bullies, suicide, Opioid overdoes and mass murderers.

To the new wave of Republican women seeking public office, I say, the transformation you’re hoping to make in the Republican Party, already exists in the Democratic Party – so please join us, in the Left lane.